Friday, October 26, 2012

Nate.....and Target? Two of my favorite things!

So, I have a design love affair with Nate Berkus' decor style.  And... who doesn't like Target? So, perfect match!'s not like we ever truly NEED a reason  to go to Target.  Since I'm up and feeling a little better today and the kids need to get out......guess we'll just have to make a jaunt to Target and am hoping hoping hoping, they have the good stuff out today!

The reason I like Nate's style is, one because he is all about making the things in your home be actual memories and keepsakes of your life but displaying them so they look artful and that nothing in your house is something you don't love.  Another reason is he uses a somewhat industrial look mixed with traditional foundations, lots of metals, mixed silver/gold together, and lots of trim work, big & white very classic, and lots of organic-y, earthy things, like jute or sisal rugs with layering rugs on top.  Anyways, all things that I love.

So, I am excited to find something, even just one thing, that I love today to add piece by piece to my house that is taking forverrrr to finish!   (oh, and the pics are blurry....rrgh! Hate computers sometimes!)

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