the Chaos

Whine & Wine....and/or coffee, depends on the time of the day, but

The reason??? Chaos.  Beautiful?.....ummm, let's just say Chaos for now.

Here's the deal:   You know, by now, we have 5 kids. Four, of which are Quads.   When I had 1 little one, I thought it was  They are 2 1/2 years old and it's taken that long to get used to the idea that I actually have QUADRUPLETS!!! They are BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY, & AMAZING little......... creatures.   And..Yes.  I did say creatures, because they ARE at times,  and  don't be offended, if you have only seen and experienced the things they have done so far, you would call them creatures too.   However......I am TRULY GRATEFUL FOR EVERY SECOND I HAVE WTH THEM,  LOVE THE LITTLE MONSTERS TO PIECES, BLESSED FOR EVERY KISS AND HUG THEY GIVE........etc., etc., etc..

Really?  She can only hold one at a time??? Sheesh. Grow some more arms lady!!!
(as felt by moms of multiples, the world-over)

 I could've already written a book on what the things they have done and I'm pretty sure I will do a little rewind and document, for the record, just exactly what they put their poor mommy through and when they are older, they will put Patrick and I in a really good home.   Right???

So when YOU think you are having a BAD day??? Like your 1-3, or 4-5 kids are driving you NUTS......then you can look here and not feel so bad anymore!   We will all have gained something, I will have documented our crazy life, I, of course, vented , and you got to laugh, and to  feel better about yours, or at least agree with what we are going through as moms.....and if you're not a mom, ENJOY your clean clothes, your house, and the awesome "quiet" time you get without sitting in the CLOSET!!!

I might have to write this section of the blog with a glass of wine, so hopefully I won't be slurring my typing.......don't judge, you have NOoooo idea....

xoxo, Felishia

*** I would love to hear your experiences too, so shoot me a comment that we can share.....misery loves company..... :)  



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