Monday, October 22, 2012

I love Apple Pie....I think....

We're baack! Over 2000 miles on the road with 5 kids and 4 adults, and we MADE it! We had a "visit Disneyland with four 2.5 year olds-kind of time ;)"... Those little people are a lot of work and their 2...and all that that entails, but to see their little faces smiling and laughing and seeing all these new experiences through their little eyes, is more than enough to make up for the fits thrown, the sticky cotton candy fingers, the spilled drinks all over your bag, and the umpteen million blow-outs they HAD to thing we brought extra clothes each and every day there!) and a 9-year-old who is part Indiana Jones, part kid in a candy store not knowing what to do with himself, Star Tours or Space Mountain to making himself ill just thinking about the Tower of Terror, and beyond excited to suddenly bored....getting hosed at the pizza place that cost $100 bucks and eating too much ice-cream and McD's......all in all.....awesomely successful!!! We also got to meet up with an aunt and uncle whom I hadn't seen since I was about 12 years old.  It reminded me of my dad and to see those similarities again in his brother was a little hard not to be sad, but, it brought back good memories and so I am thankful for that.

That was the first time I started to write again after our trip and yep, that was about 2-3 weeks ago, not even sure if it was 2..or 3, we have been so crazy busy since and now, alas, the little children and the mama are sick and this does not bid well for getting ANYTHING done around here, even the normal stuff which at this point consists of dishes and laundry, anything else is serious icing on the cake.  So, I know the kids are about to wake up and now...., is when I get the urge to write??? Go figure. Not being able to swallow hasn't stifled my ability to type but for some reason, it has taken my motivation away....that and the gray, rainy day that we have.

But...... I AM.GOING.TO.DO.THIS.BLOGGING.THING.! I am! So, I need to remind myself, it's not really for "everyone else", although, I am happy to share, but a place to document our life and make the most of the kids' everyday little things that I don't want to forget, although, right now, it would be super nice to forget that they have snot everywhere.....don't judge me, kids are gross!!! Love them to pieces, but..gross.

So, for now, I'm not putting the pressure on myself to be the "have the perfect-house, the perfect-clothes, the most organized life with kids (of course, not that I do have any of those things, it's just what I want to have, idealistic mom that I think I need to be, but the house is STILL not done like I was hoping for, the seriously am just lucky to have gotten a shower today, sweat-pants, messy kitchen, messy table, lysol cans everywhere and blankets all over my pretty couch (snot-scared), not even going to attempt to do laundry, MOM today......umm. and maybe even tomorrow, lol. j/k!  I just need to remember that when I am so frustrated with my kids touching everything and getting their germs on every darn little thing in this place.....that I have 2, cuter-than-heck, snot n' all,  (haha, I just realized I put 2, instead of bad, I'm tired!) 4, that is, 2 year olds who need to be held and wiped and changed and they will cough in my face and get their slime all over me and I still love them and try to eek out every little moment I can of snuggle time, even with my Mav-man, who is home sick today, who I'm sure doesn't want anyone to know that he still snuggles his mom.... I love it.

So, that's my blog for today.  Wish it could be about how much I am accomplishing on the house and how great it looks and that all the kiddos are above average, and how I can do it all and then some.....but it's not and sometimes perfection of a day is all the imperfection that goes with it!!! That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!

Oh, and the whole apple-pie thing??? My husband got me a new Apple, which I  am trying to figure out and I found a cute sign on Pinterest that had the Apple computer sign and the Pie sign from math.....yea, I know, it was a reach but that was a while ago that I even named this post and when I was really excited about whatever it was going to be about and now, lol, ummm, well, just don't feel like making a new title so, here it is :p

xoxo, Felishia

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