Thursday, September 27, 2012

the Newbie Blogger on the Block

Newbie, Novice, Rookie....all fit.  This blogging "thing" I am working on is harder than it seems!!!
But,  according to the are some other words that I think I like better to describe something "new".....Modern, Chic,  Swank, Au Courant (french, you know oiu iou), fresh & most of all..."learner". 
It's like with anything you try that's out of the box, different, a "risk".  It's hard and you can lose your focus easily.  So, bear with me, as I go through this process of learning.  It's all in my head, any of you reading this who know me, know, that I can't even think sometimes because I have so much going on in my head, lol, and almost always, it has to do with something about color, size, balance, something "house". Then there are the bzillion other ideas, oh, and the children....yes....I totally feel like the "little woman who lives in the shoe, had so many kids, she didn't know what to do"!   

So, as I try to get this all straight and working for me so that I can actually "express" via computer screen, what my ideas are and where I am wanting to go with this site, take a coffee break, and take a look at the My Blog List section.   This is where, if I have any spare time, where I go, to get away.  A little mini-vacation, even if only for a few minutes.  Just something to take your mind off the hard stuff and look at the fun stuff that you probably won't ever have the time or energy to do!!! It's GREAT!!! I promise!!! 
However, at the end of the day, this is what I would LOVE to do and what I know my uberly talented husband CAN do, whether he actually WANTS to though, is always up for discussion, ;) and get these projects we have going done and share a little diy know-how, or figure-out-how, lol, and then, finally get some pics up that are worth sharing.  You must bear with me on the whole picture-taking thing, too!! I am totally scared of my camera for what will eventually turn up as a photo, as I again...sadly, CAN.NOT. take pictures.  Note to self: on your photog skills!) Til then, when I get a project done, if ever, Katie can take a pic for  me to show!
Have a good read of those blogs and get some good ideas flowing!!!

p.s. I kind of hate if anyone out there has any good blog design experience and is willing to share their knowledge with a newbie, let me know!
xoxo, Felishia

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