Monday, September 17, 2012

It's a Monday....

Some random pics of the weekend and why I can keep on going, lol, despite the chaos!!!
(but read below for the story)

Racer getting Max!

Max, good strategy!!!

Daddy's Home

Shouldn't this be an ad???

Look at my haie, mom!!! (she says "haie" not hair") not a mispell, lol.

Oh, I am soooo thankful I have a little girl!!! Love her to pieces!!!

So, before you read this, maybe you should take a glance underneath the "chaos" tab and read that first..... just to give you a little forewarning about what you are about to read.....

This is not even the tip of the tippy top of an ice berg, like not even a shaving of ice, compared to what goes on with our crazy life sometimes, lol. GEEZ!!! So, still trying to get into the house....can I just say, Men---Women----two different ways of thinking!!! (I love you to pieces babe!!!)

We just had a third, yes, #3, yard sale since August. Sooo done with that. Goodwill, have fun!!!

Let's see, Racer's throat is hurting, po baby #1, Mia fell with a glass on the concrete and it shattered underneath her, cut her wrist and we had to pick out tiny shards of glass from her hand and arm, po baby #2..., Ryder got the biggest, ugly blister on the tip of his toe, or...a cut, not sure which, but whatever the case, it opened up and looks painful and it totally grossed me out, po baby #3...., Max, was getting tackled by Racer and Ryder was taking his cars and bike away from him, double-teaming....not fair....po baby #4, & Maverick slid down a piece of ply-board and scraped his entire leg from the knee down, po baby #5.

Mom and Aunt Melissa had wine at the yard sale, ummm., I'd say it wasn't even 10 am. yet....sorry, it's what the circumstances called for...

Did three colors & 4 haircuts in the "Lawn Salon" during and post yard sale.....then....

went to Portland Sunday, road trip, 4 hours......  Ikea, waited in line literally for 2 hours for returns...and in that 2 hours to find out that, yes, indeed this item IS on the receipt I had given, and no, I didn't need to call my husband 10 times and find out from our bank statements exactly what dates we had been there in the last 3-6 months, while my phone dies as I am talking to my husband, and they do not have a phone to call out on, then the person gets off of work and has to transfer me to someone else, get the manager to come look up receipts, all the find out....that again, YES, this item is on the receipt I gave them from the beginning which now takes less than 2 minutes to return......o.m.g. !!!!!

Dinner....uneventful, thankfully....

Longest drive home with kids (two 9 y/o) arguing, "he's touching meeeee!!!!! No, I'm not!!!!! It was just my foot! Yea, soooo, you WERE touching me!!!!" Since I wasn't driving, I actually crawled into the cargo space of our passenger van and stayed there until we got home at 1:00 a.m. is Monday morning, and all I wanted was to get up.....put a smile on my face because this is going to be a GREAT week, I'm going to get so many things accomplished, the kids are going to behave, the house is going to get done, my job is going to get done, and......all I need to start this wonderful, awesome, crazy, BEAUTIFUL chaos type of week that I'm going to one cup of coffee. Just one, I don't even need a refill, if I could just get one nice, hot, creamy cup of jo, it would make all these things come true.......


The coffee pot shattered & broke!!!!

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

I love my life, I love my life, I love my life, I love my life...just a little therapy.

xoxo, Felishia

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