Thursday, September 13, 2012

Black is back....!

 Why a Black Kitchen?

Well, for me, because I already did a white one for one, and for another reason, I have 4 little people in my house who like to touch EVERYTHING!!! So, I decided to try reversing my favorite look by doing the dark kitchen and light floors to see how this holds up under their abuse :) ! In our last house, we had a white kitchen and I LOVED it!!! I'm a huge fan of white kitchens. I like them more then wood-toned kitchens. So, when we decided we were going to remodel the house we just bought, I thought, it's time to try something different. Don't get me wrong, I was very nervous actually. The kitchen is not very big and black is a BIG color for a small space...BUT....I had to try it and I'm glad I did. We are still working on all of the finishing touches. Still looking for that perfect backsplash that doesn't cost a fortune....but that will come with time. When it gets closer to getting done, I will definitely share the pics but for now, here are a few black kitchens that kept me thinking about it....

Love the window, starting from counter height. Makes for a good view. The natural wood top on island, great contrast for color in all black/white.

Adding natural elements
Nice display areas and love the stools and floor tiles
Glossy black and chandelier, dark floors, again big window, very classy.
Fun & Practical Display
Again, natural wood tones with black.


White chair not happenin' in my household with 5 kids, but, very pretty and love the outline of black on french doors
Farm Sink, Chalk Board Fridge (interesting and cute, but would hate what it would look like every time you erased it....
More contemporary/modern, which is nice with black, as you can go many different design directions with.
For low cost backsplahs, love this one!!! Looks clean simple and softens black.
This is almost the exact layout of cabinetry in my kitchen. LOVE the display of dishes. Working on if I want to do this in my own kitchen.
Good display again. This is the kind of display that works in a home with kids. It's not often that we will be able to have bookshelves that are open where little hands can crawl up and get into but above the counters......good place!!!
Love the contrast! And, amazing chandelier!
Display, again. Very nice.
White kitchen cabinets and espresso island
Great backsplash and use of light and dark. Love contrast!!
Love the light and dark contrast!
dark cabinets w/ gray wall
Love the style of cabintry. Gray color great with natural wood tones.
Gwyneth Paltrow's house - like
Notice a theme in these pics?? Black with natural woods. Beautiful.
Amazing decor in this house from Amanda's house in the movie The Holiday.

xoxo, Felishia

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