Wednesday, September 5, 2012

About us.....

We have an awesome crazy & chaotic life, in a good way...most of the time....You too? 
Amidst that life of chaos with kids, a husband, a job, etc..etc....etc...

I've decided it's not that big of a risk to share what you love. And, what I love, is of course, my family, given, but, I have a true passion for houses and decorating& all things creative! A place to share our projects, how-to's, decor & design savvy, finding looks for less, and sharing a crazy story or two, or three, haha, and sharing the talents of some of our talented friends is a must for those who need that creative outlet!


My favorite "alone time", used to be a glass of wine and a ton of home magazines that I could critique (haha) and study to dream all of the houses I wanted to decorate and now, it's the computer and my iphone (and still the glass of wine). I have been a wannabe designer & decorator at heart for as long as I can remember. When I look back at the stuff I have done in the past and not documented it, it makes me a little sad...who knew someday we would be able to share and document on such a large scale?


So, with a glass of wine and no kids tugging and crawling on me or wiping their snot on my leg ( I am very serious), and hiding in my closet-office, I am going to try and start this thing.....documenting our journey in turning this house into a home!

Here's a quick low-down of the Burchard 7

Patrick, my partner-in-crime, best friend, super-all-talented, can do anything and everything kind of guy, the person I admire most in my life, my hubby.  He's also the private type, so, he's not all that comfortable with attention, blogging, totally not for him, but he's such a great supporter, he's all on-board if this is a good creative outlet for me! Yep, he's awesome!

Sweetest Guy Ever!!!

the kids: First, we have the Maverick. Our firstborn. Such a cutie pie! He's 9 and starting to sound like a young man and not a little boy anymore! Time flies!

Our first Baby, the Mav-Man!

Then......drumroll please:........... We have QUADRUPLETS! (and, yes, that would be wouldn't believe the amount of people who ask if they are triplets, when there are 4 of them.

Cutest Things Ever!!!!
Brittney Kluse Photography

Here's the conversation: Oh, are they triplets??? No, they are quadruplets. Oh, so there are three of them? No, there are 4.....they are QUADruplets..... So 2 sets of twins? umm, I guess you could say that if you want but that would still be "quadruplets", 4 , "quad", get it? Oh, you have quadruplets.....were they all born at the same time?....

Yep, that is what we deal with at least once a week!

But, about them lil' Q's.....they are a complete and incredible story of their own, one I hope to document for ourselves and share with others, of course, when I get the "time" (ha, that's funny) to get it all down.

Mia, Racer, Ryder, & Max. They are 2.5 years old and are doing wonderful! It's been the most life changing, crazy, unexpected, incredibly difficult, thing we have ever gone through. But, at the end of that ever crazy, chaotic, wanna hide away in a closet and rock, (haha), day, is that they are healthy, happy, & beautiful kids!!! That's what matters most in life........decorating a close second, ;).

I hope you will stop by, say hi, laugh a little, get a good idea or two, and check out what's goin' on in the Beautiful Chaos of the Burchard 7!!!

xoxo, Felishia

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  1. Hey there, Felicia...I love to read blogs, so count me in. I've enjoyed it so far. :)